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Since its 2014 inception, Armature has conducted research in more than 30 countries (on 6 continents). Read on to see why half of the world's Top 20 pharma companies have trusted Armature with their market research challenges

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ATU/Tracking + KPIs


Market Landscape

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Mission Statement

Armature's overriding goal is to produce actionable research that goes beyond expectations and reveals the reality of the market. Whether your focus is HCPs, Patients, or Caregivers, we find you better answers with deep roots in high-quality data.

We customize our approach to each challenge we encounter. We come to the table without preconceptions and use the best methods to tackle the situation.  If we don't have the "best methods" on hand, we build them for you.

At Armature we use best practices not as our goal, but as a springboard into even better work. We listen. We ask good questions. We listen some more. And we are always thinking about how to deliver best practices plus.


'Armature'MEANs A LOT

The term "armature" means several things, among them a strong supporting foundation or protection from attack. In art, it provides structural support for a sculpture or figure--what some call a "wireframe." Armatures are also the specific parts in electric motors where electricity gets generated. 

You may not be used to a market research partner who manages to bundle strong insights with a hint of electricity as well. But it's time for your team to experience it.

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