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BTT - Our Scope

Our Focus Is You.

Not Us.

For many companies, self-promotion is bred deep in the bone. They have growth targets, acquisition plans, and "strategic alliances" to trumpet. They hire staff to spread word of their greatness, assuring you their employees are the best in the business (and beloved by all).

Six years ago, the founders of Armature set out to build a company with the unusual goal of not becoming an empire. In their combined 30 years of healthcare market research (now
it's 40+), they had worked for five different companies that changed owners—from fairly small hands into much larger ones. Each time, the move was hailed (by the acquirers) as the birth of something wonderful. And each time,
quality died the "death of a thousand cuts."

One of the many gifts in partnering with a firm like Armature is that we are still building our company's reputation. We can't coast on the global awareness or our name or sidestep quality because "quarterly revenue numbers" are looming. We have to strive for excellence
as defined by you. Every time.

Get to the 


of your Business Questions


While numbers tell a critical part of most stories, Armature also uses unique qualitative methods to home in on less-quantifiable factors such as:

  • Emotional drivers and barriers

  • Practical influences that research may not highlight

  • Unseen or undeveloped market opportunities

  • A complete picture of the market landscape

  • Unusual observations that may reveal a hidden truth

We believe in the importance of a strong, open working relationship.
Our clients are a crucial source of insight for us. As we do in interviews
and focus groups, we work to ensure that you are being heard—and that
your core thoughts, needs, and goals are addressed in full.

See the

Big Picture and make


of it


  • We design instruments that allow respondents to demonstrate (in addition to state) their decisions, perceptions, and attitudes

  • We write surveys to minimize response bias

  • We ask questions that have ecological validity: all the survey tasks and asks mirror a respondent's real world decisions

  • We account for inherent biases, for example, by calibration of primary market research data

  • We check our work. We inspect soft-launch datafile for accuracy and we run analytics for quality checks at multiple stages during field

  • We test assumptions and hypotheses before, during, and after data collection and analytic delivery

And most importantly, we are always learning.

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