We Listen

At Armature Group, we make every client feel like our only client. Custom market research is our specialty. We are skilled in active listening to draw people out, and to reveal deep and honest perceptions, thoughts, and feelings about products, brands,
and conditions.

We Innovate

We know that you have heard this more than once from other suppliers. But we really don't get mired in 'This is how we have to do things.' We go after the truth about what is going on in your market(s) and use or create the best methods or paths to make that happen.

We Discover

We can help you to uncover the 'alphabets' that customers use to think about healthcare products, devices, and conditions. We show our clients how core notions shape perceptions, and how to tap into those for better communication and superior results.

Flying Solo is Overrated

If your extended Team is like most, they want answers to the questions that keep them up at night. Or they want data points that speak directly to their personal areas of interest. Even when they know that you are doing market landscape research, they want to add questions about share, or segment performance, or journal ads. The slates of research objectives can start to read like a Christmas 'wish list.'​

Armature can firmly help keep all  objectives in focus while fending off scope creep and setting hard expectations for reporting that
minimize unwelcome surprises.

Armature's collaboration with you begins with the RFP process and continues after the final results are presented. We love talking things through, hearing diverse points of view, then deploying clear solutions that are viable. (Some of our clients hire us for this talent alone).

In the short run, it makes for a warmer collaborative environment. In the long run, it leads to better data--and deeper satisfaction for your Team. 

Better than anyone, you know how your markets work and where your competition comes from.

Armature's goal is not to convince you that we know more than you do--we're not consultants--but to help you understand observable market forces that shape your product's life cycle. We help you reconcile the rational and non-rational ideas that influence the behavior of your customers. And on a good day (we've had a few), we can even help you find problem before they become widespread.



Decades of experience in primary market research
Specialization in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
Close-knit team of research-obsessed individuals
Collaboration and communication at every step
Ability to help you align your team's objectives
Creativity in tackling thorny, complex problems
Conviction to push back to make research better
Commitment to quality that our partners truly love
Attention to detail that saves you time
Results you can share unreservedly with your team
Confidence that you have the best possible answer

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Behavioral Insight

Linguistic Analysis

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