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What Our Clients Say

You guys think of everything.

What Our Clients Say

You bring the kind of strategic thinking that we usually look to consultants for. But [with Armature on board], we didn't need consultants!

Market Insights with



Areas of Strength

Oncology and Hematology

CV & Metabolic Disorders

Pain Management

Psychiatric/CNS Disorders

Ped/Adult Vaccines

Respiratory Disorders

Infectious Disease

Women's Health

Rare Diseases


Studies Conducted

"[Armature brings] the kind of strategic thinking that we usually look to consultants for. But [with Armature on board], we didn't need consultants!"

Since its 2014 inception, Armature has conducted research in more than 30 countries (on 6 continents). Read on to see why nearly half of the world's Top 20 pharma companies have trusted Armature with their market research--and continue to enthusiastically partner with us.

Market Landscape


Lexicon & Natural Language

Demand & Patient Optimization

ATU/Tracking + KPIs
Emotional Drivers


Messaging & Story Flow

Product Concept Tests/TPP

Patient Journey

Where We Excel


Choice Models

Demand Studies




Market Landscape

Emotional Drivers
Buying Process

Patient Journey


" You guys [at Armature] think of everything!"


"Our [internal] team is very difficult to please, and you managed to win most of them over at the kickoff meeting."

Armature's overriding goal is to produce actionable research that goes beyond expectations and reveals truths about the reality of the market. Whether your focus is HCPs, Patients, or Caregivers, we find you better answers with deeper roots in data.

We customize our approach to each challenge we encounter. We come to the table without preconceptions and use the best methods to tackle the situation.  If we don't have the "best methods" on hand, we build them for you.

In short, we use best practices not as a crutch, but as a springboard into the best possible work. We listen. We ask questions. We listen some more. And we are always thinking about how to deliver more.

Our Focus Is You.

Not Us.

For many companies, self-promotion is bred deep in the bone. They have growth targets, acquisition plans, and "strategic alliances" to trumpet. They hire staff to spread word of their greatness, assuring you their employees are the best in the business (and beloved by all).

In 2014, the founders of Armature set out to build a company without the goal of becoming an empire. In their combined 30 years of healthcare market research (now it's 40+), they had worked for five different companies that changed owners--from fairly small hands into much larger ones. Each acquisition was hailed as the birth of something wonderful by the acquirers. And each time,
quality died a "death of a thousand cuts."

One of the gifts in partnering with a smaller firm like Armature is that we are building our reputation. We can't coast on global awareness or our name or sidestep quality because quarterly revenue numbers are looming. We have to strive for excellence as defined by you. Every time. 

"Another company could not improve on this."



Decades of experience in primary market research
Specialization in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
Close-knit team of research-obsessed individuals


Collaboration and communication at every step
Ability to help you align your team's objectives
Creativity in tackling thorny, complex problems


Conviction to push back to make research better
Attention to detail that saves you time
Results you can share unreservedly with your team
Confidence that you have the best possible answer
Commitment to quality that our partners truly love

Peace of Mind

Commitment to Quality

We design our studies to deliver value long after the research is over.

When it comes to our work, the Armature team has a wonderful tendency to obsess. Over study design. Over data analysis. Over objectives.  And we really obsess when creating a presentation of findings for your team--it's just our nature. 

Most of this obsessing happens out of sight for our clients. What you see are focused, intelligible research reports that arrive with firm roots in primary data.

We coordinate with you in advance to ensure that we have a coherent and actionable "story" to share with your internal clients. Whenever we can, we
like to show up and present our work in person.

Strong opinions don't scare us. We don't wilt if a difficult decision needs to be made about methodology, objectives, sample. We give it to you straight.

You hire us to show you the best possible path, and we can usually show you a few, along with the tradeoffs involved for each.

The end goal of our research is your total satisfaction, if not complete delight.

We aim for delight.

We love solving difficult problems

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